Jung Seed Genetics

Proven seed, handpicked for Wisconsin.

The Jung Seed GeneticsTM team takes pride in providing the solutions you need on your acres. Our large, data-driven breeding program plays an important role in bringing you the best products for your fields, season after season.

1. Starting With Broad Germplasm
We Start with a large genetic pool – the building block for better products – and narrow down to the most promising options so we can spend more time testing the right products specific for our Wisconsin fields.

2. Pre-Commercial Testing
Using local breeding and technology development plots, we determine early product potential. Only products determined to be favorable for Wisconsin make the selection for local testing.

3. Local Testing
With help from our Jung Seed Genetics team, we select a handful of products to test in Jung Seed Genetics trials. You can be confident that products you buy are farm-tested to address your challenges.

4. Adding To Our Product Lineup
After local testing, our across Wisconsin and introduces them to the Jung Seed Genetics product lineup each year.

For more than a century, Jung Seed Genetics has been committed to providing Wisconsin farmers the highest quality seed products that fit the needs of our unique soil types and crop rotations. We take your business and success seriously and that’s why we have the “100% Replant Eligible” program for Jung Seed Genetics customers.