Enogen Seed by Golden Harvest

Enogen® Corn for Ethanol Production
Enogen corn is engineered to improve process efficiency, enhancing ethanol production. Farmers have the potential to earn a premium per-bushel for ethanol grain deliveries.

Enogen® Corn for Feed Enogen corn can deliver up to a 5% increase in feed efficiency for feedlot or dairy cattle with improved digestibility, starch, and sugar availability in the ration.

Benefits of Enogen® for Ethanol Production

  • Consistent premiums for corn that supports highly efficient ethanol production
  • The first biotech corn output trait specifically for ethanol production
  • Increased profit potential

Benefits of Enogen® for Feed

  • Improved starch digestibility and energy availability
  • Supports improved production and may reduce feed costs
  • Potential for 5% increase in feed efficiency
  • Flexibility for use as either grain or silage
  • Improved silage quality and consistency with higher starch digestibility and nutrient availability