Lacrosse Seed Food Plots

Brier Ridge® Food Plot Seed

LaCrosse Seed Brier Ridge® food plot seed mixes and single species varieties are formulated to attract and keep trophy bucks, turkeys and other wildlife by providing nutrient dense forage as well as bedding/buffer zones.

Food Plot Mixes

The LaCrosse Seed Brier Ridge® Food Plot Seed offering includes summer seeded blends of Sorghum, Sudangrass, and Sunflowers, along with spring/fall planted perennial mixes with clover, chicory, rape, and turnips. Several Soil First® Cover Crop mixes are also included.

Food Plot Straight Species

LaCrosse Seed Brier Ridge® food plot straight species seed varieties include Forage Soybeans, Deer Turnips, Sugar Beets, Forage Oats, Forage Rapeseed, Grain Sorghum, and Wildlife Sunflower.

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