Lacrosse Seed Cover Crops

Soil First® Cover Crops

The LaCrosse Seed Cover Crop portfolio provides excellent options to help reduce inputs and improve soil health by breaking up compaction, suppressing weeds, controlling erosion, and sequestering residual nutrients, while building soil structure. Biomass production is a significant added benefit, allowing you to maximize available forage through multiple grazing cycles.

Cover Crop Mixes

LaCrosse Seed Soil First® Cover Crop Mixes combine multiple species that work together to protect your soil while fixing and/or scavenging nitrogen, and providing valuable biomass for grazing or baling. These cover crop mixes also work well for food plots.

LaCrosse's proprietary LINK™ cover crop inoculant is provided for Soil First® mixes that include legumes.

Cover Crop Brassicas

LaCrosse Seed Soil First® Brassica Cover Crop options include Tillage Radish, Rapeseed Brassica, Turnip Brassica, and Vivant Forage Brassica, all excellent nitrogen scavengers that effectively suppress weeds, alleviate soil compaction, and provide good biomass for grazing.

Cover Crop Grasses

LaCrosse Seed Soil First® Cereal Grain and Grass Cover Crop options include Winter Rye, Winter Triticale, Pearl Millet, Sorghum / Sudangrass Blend, Spring Barley, Spring Oats, Sudangrass, Teff Grass, Winter Barley, and Winter Wheat, all effective nitrogen scavengers.

Cover Crop Legumes

LaCrosse Seed Soil First® Cover Crop Legumes include high quality, nitrogen fixing Berseem Clover, Crimson Clover, Balansa Clover, Sunn Hemp, Winter Hairy Vetch, and Windham Winter Peas. These varieties also benefit from LaCrosse's proprietary LINK™ cover crop inoculant.

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