Minnesota-based Hiniker Company has been a leader in designing and building row crop Cultivators for over 40 years. Innovative features like no wrench adjustment for gauge wheel position, coulter depth and row unit down pressure make it easy to adjust for various soil types and tillage practices. Their line of tillage equipment launched in 1976 and has been expanded to include field cultivators, chisel plows, rotary hoes, and harrows. High-residue planters and cultivators for no-till and ridge-till were added in 1981. In 2016 they sold their first cover crop seeder, with an innovative inter-row seeding system added after that.


Cover Crop Seeding

The MAC's team is most excited about Hiniker's extremely innovative Cover Crop Seeding Systems, as so many growers in our area are learning about the benefits of cover crops in their farm operations. A Hiniker interseeder can be mounted in multiple configurations and delivers precise placement between rows. If interseeding isn't your thing, Hiniker also offers a unique broadcast seeder that will adapt to most tillage equipment, allowing for solid-seeding in the tillage pass you're probably already making, saving time and fuel!

MAC's also has access to Hiniker's other lines of reliable and proven products, including:


  • Complete Strip-Till Solution


  • 6000 Cultivator
  • CultiPro Cultivator

Rate Control Products

  • Nitro-Lert™ NH3 Knife Monitor
  • 8160 Automatic Rate Controller
  • Anhydrous Ammonia Rate Controller
  • VOD – Variable Orifice Distributor


  • 5600 Series Flail Windrowers
  • 5710 Flail Mower
  • 5710 Harvester
  • AR-2000 Shredder