Yetter Farm Equipment

Illinois based Yetter Farm Equipment has provided profitable production agriculture solutions since 1930, including planter attachments and equipment for residue management, seedbed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, strip-till, harvest attachments, and more.

Planting Equipment

  • Row Cleaners
  • Closing wheels
  • Planter-mount coulters
  • Hydraulic Markers
  • Cover crop rollers
  • Spoke Planter Gauge Wheels

Fertilizer Equipment

  • Toolbar-mount fertilizer application equipment
  • Planter-mount fertilizer application equipment
  • Strip-till equipment
  • Toolbar-mount row cleaners
  • Magnum™ for high-speed application
  • Sealers for side-dress & pre-apply
  • All steer cart

Harvest Equipment

  • Stalk rollers
  • Head cart trailers
  • 1000 Auger Ace™

Toolbars & Hoes

  • Customizable toolbars and toolbar-mount coulters
  • Rotary hoes for conventional, minimum, no-till, and organic operations