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Data drives good decisions.  Whether you’re stopping in the field to make a fix, evaluating your approach for the next pass, or choosing your purchases for next season, you need the right data for the job. When you make better decisions for your next pass, you make better decisions next season, for the improvement of profitability on your farm.

The MAC’s team can guide you through data capture utilizing Precision Planting 20|20, conduct a POGO analysis of your young or established crop stand, and scout from the air to evaluate the effectiveness of your planting techniques, as well as provide customized yield analysis by field.

Let MAC's evaluate your 2023 stand by scheduling an appointment for aerial and POGO scouting.

POGO scouting corn field MACs Ag Services Wisconsin

Precision Technology Institute Crop Results - Pontiac, IL

Precision Planting does an exceptional job at its Pontiac, Illinois research farm designing and conducting multi-season experiments to test the viability and consistency of a wide array planting and crop maintenance practices and products. Their teams evaluate results not only with an eye on yield, but also the related economics, then share their findings to inform on-farm decision-making.

Year after year, these results summaries are some of the MAC's team’s most trusted and accessed tools, which, naturally, compelled us to make them easily accessible so they're at your fingertips whenever your curiosity is piqued throughout the season. Contact us if you’d like to have a more in-depth conversation about any of these studies… we love diving into the details with our customers.

Corn seed in furrow Precision Planting MAC's Ag Services Wisconsin
Corn root planting analysis MAC's Ag Services Wisconsin
Corn row cutoffs aerial cornfield scouting MAC's Ag Services Wisconsin